Family Life and Spiritual Life


Is starting a family a mistake on the spiritual path? My sadhana is much shorter than it was before I had a child, and I sometimes wonder if we made the right choice. Yet I do feel closer to God than ever even though the meditation portion of my life has decreased. Could you lend some insight to this?

—paige, usa


Dear Friend,

The results of your decision reveal to you a greater depth and Atunement even in spite of having less time to meditate. God can come to us whenever we are, for God is our very Self. As our hearts are attuned to the divine presence we will feel that presence in ourselves, in our children, in every moment.

So, be not concerned. What time you have for meditation be grateful and go deep, giving yourself wholly to God. Your life will then be blessed. Serve God in the needs of your family. Chant his name throughout the day. “To those who think me near, I will be there.”

Joy to you in all you do,

Nayaswami Hriman