Fears, headaches and medications


Fears remain on my mind. Was on drugs for so many years. Taking medicines. Chronic headache. Don’t know what to do. Pl help.

—Jyoti, India


Dear Jyoti,

I understand you are taking medications for fear and were using drugs for many years. You have a chronic headache and don’t know how to proceed with your healing.

I suggest you try the following:

1) Pray to Divine Mother and Guruji to give you the strength to transcend this karma.

2) Each day meditate and offer your fear and pain to Divine Mother in prayer and inner communion with her.

3) Stay well hydrated with lots of clean water.

4) Eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can to cleanse the inflammation you have in your brain.

5) Seek healthy company with like minded souls seeking truth. Meditate with these soul friends regularly.

Divine Mother will guide you in your healing as long as you are sincerely loving and serviceful to her. Never give up!