Feeling Apprehensive



lately I have been feeling quite sad and overwhelmed.

no matter what happens I feel an overwhelming feeling arise in me that I begin to cry quite intensely. during meditation the thoughts that flow through have been quite strange almost dark and menacing. and it is quite difficult to concentrate at all. I feel that I already know that this is karma coming up but I thought I would ask you your thoughts...Master's Love. Carrie.

—carrie, usa


Dear Carrie,

Sorry to hear of the challenges you are having connected to your meditations.

The intense crying, the sadness, the feeling of being overwhelmed – these may be unrelated to your meditation practices. They may be a sign of depression or other deep mental or emotional disturbances. Please be sure to check in with your doctor right away to find out if you need medical or psychological counseling.

You don’t say how much you are meditating regularly, but until you find the cause of these difficulties, I would cut back on the length of time you meditate until this all begins to clear up a bit.

Strange and dark thoughts do come to us all during meditations, at least from time to time. It’s generally a sign of old karma being released and this is a good thing. But it sounds as though what you are experiencing is somewhat more than that and perhaps needs attention.

I would strongly suggest that you also ask for specific healing prayers from our Ananda Healing Prayer Council (check our website for how to do this). And pray often for yourself, for help and guidance from your Guru.

Finally, keep your energy level very high, strong, and uplifted at all times. Circle your body with a field of light just before you begin meditation. And if you are not doing the Energization Exercises every day, that would be important to add into your life, also.