I have been meditating daily for 10-15 minutes(based on my self learning of the techniques from Ananda’s website)

1) I experience very "cold/cool feeling" at my spiritual eye, soon as I feel energy coming upwards. Sometimes this feeling stays for the day and at times, it comes upon when I close my eyes and try to focus on my spiritual eye. Is that normal?

2) once I have felt sudden wave of shock running up my spine into the spiritual eye followed by intense pressure. Is this dangerous?




Dear PS,

In answer to your first question, consider this sensation at your spiritual eye to be a blessing and a “re-minder” for you in remembering your connection to God and Gurus. Although many have not had this experience, it is not uncommon for spiritual adherents, yogis to have a feeling and an awareness at this point/center, called by many names, just a few examples being agna chakra, third eye, the pineal gland, Christ Consciousness Center. The main “point” (pun accepted!) is to remember Spirit and your personal Soul connection that far surpasses your identification with the body and to try and merge with the Divine through this “portal”. Getting to this “eye” is one of the physical highlights and goals of the pranayam practices of all yogis, specifically Yogananda’s Kriya lineage. Do you practice Hong-Sau? Energization Exercises? These beginning and lifetime techniques help us to awaken our inner prana, the kundalini, to do what I believe you have described.

I believe your second question reflects a concern many novices have regarding “kundalini” and yogic practices. If the pressure you mention become more regular and pronounced, you may want to check it medically. It sounds from your description that this circumstance is not a recurring one. If that is the case, know that occasionally we have these spikes of energy in our nervous systems, whether we are yogis practicing one’s teachings or not. Then, again reassured of your good health, I would not be concerned with this for-you rare phenomenon but rather come to understand it as an incidental sideshow, an occasional response of the body and energy within it to reach upward through the nervous system toward its goal, as mentioned, to the agna chakra, the forehead. Yoga and meditation do free up stored energy and memories and this may cause tingling in the spine during meditation; you will read more of this in our textbooks and courses.

So whether you are yet a student of The Ananda Course in Meditation, or perhaps a Kriyaban, you have been given a true boon to knowing the Peace and Joy, Love and Light, Power and Sound, Calmness and Wisdom, that are the aspects of what we seek, God! For those seeking more specifics on these meditation techniques, you can read and study here: Kriya Yoga.

Blessings in your sadhana,

Nayaswami Premdas

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