To Find Complete Realization, How Do I Proceed?


I want to reach full connection with my Self, and the higher Divine, be that Nirvana or the Tao. I read and I understand, I accept and recognize the teachings of the great masters as truth, but I am not sure I am fully acting out my knowledge. What should i do?

—jacob, USA


Dear Jacob,
The first thing to do is to find your path, your practice, and above all your Master. All paths lead to the same inner mountaintop, but you can’t walk on all of them. Find one, yours, and dedicate your whole life to it.

This inner search must become your complete life priority, the desire of your heart. Your inner meditative practices will become the center of your days.

Inner attunement with the Master of your path is 100% essential: it’s like a spark that moves from a high consciousness into yours, enlightening you.

Know that there will be many inner battles along the way, if you are serious. The ego needs to let go, but doesn’t easily do so: habits, attitudes, attachments, behaviour. Get ready!

One last thing: think of your journey to the mountaintop of Truth, of the Divine, as a longterm commitment. Be patient. Keep moving, day for day, month for month, year for year. “Banat, banal, ban jai”: doing, doing, one day done.

All the best for your inner journey, never lower your goal,