Finding Ananda in New Zealand


I am in Auckland (NZ) basically from India. I am in search of Ananda devotees here so that I can discuss my spiritual path with others and share the books too. At times I feel real lonely here. It seems as if the materialistic things are diverting me from my actual path. Please help me in finding spiritual satsang here. Regards Richa

—Richa , India


Dear Richa,

Thank you for your inquiry. We get inquiries from all parts of the world asking about if there is an Ananda group in their area. At this time we have over one hundred Ananda groups worldwide. We do have a group in New Zealand. You can contact them via email.

We can also offer you support through this website,, and our Sangha monthly newsletter. Please email us your name.

Our Website has over 900 pages of material. There is a Free “Online Inspiration” section where you will find a number of books, hundreds of articles, over 250 streaming audio and video talks, and more.

Most people that get involved with us begin through our yoga and meditation home-study course.

We also have a very good Meditation Support site where you can subscribe to our free monthly support newsletter.

If we can be of anymore help to you, please let us know.

In divine friendship,

Nayaswami Pranaba

Ananda Meditation Groups Coordinator