Finding God


It's been so long ... I have been trying by so many means to be close to Him, to know Him ... but he does not respond. How do I meet Him ?

—Patrick, India


Dear Patrick,

I assume you mean God when you say Him. If you do not have a meditation practice wherein you can still your thoughts and see the light at the point between the eyebrows (the spiritual eye), I would say that you need to find a practice that would work for you. Meditation is one large key to finding God.

In the “Autobiography of a Yogi”, Paramhansa Yogananda asked his guru, Sri Yukteswar, when will I find God? Sri Yukteswar said that you have Him already. He is love, He is bliss, and seven other aspects. Read this book. You will be greatly encouraged and uplifted.

You must keep trying. Do not ever slacken your efforts. Sometimes it takes a life-time or many, but God is ever with you. We have to learn how to be with Him. Meditate daily – twice a day. Chant His name. And also open your heart to Him and the all whom you meet, not only your family and friends, but everyone. Serve them by feeling God is serving all through you.

Know now that God is with you and loving you. He cannot do anything else. All He lacks is your love.

Bless you, Seva