Should I Follow the Prescribed Steps for Meditation?


Hi,tell me please if there is any problem — if I don’t follow strictly the steps recommended to be done when I meditate; what are the consequences? many thanks.



Dear Mihaela,

I don’t know what steps or what meditation technique you are talking about, so I can answer only in generalities.

With many meditation practices, certain steps are prescribed because that is what usually gives the best results. There might not be danger in departing from those prescribed steps, only lesser results. And there is a possibility that a particular individual might need to follow different steps due to some personal factor. Also, there might be some techniques that are actually dangerous if you don’t practice as prescribed, but I have no experience with such techniques, so I cannot offer any insights about them. In summary, your question has no universal answer.

I can say, however, that if you have a guru, and you are practicing a technique taught by the guru, it is usually best to follow the prescribed steps, because that helps you attune to the guru’s grace, which is more important than any technique.

You must use your intuition to determine what is best for you.