Advice to a Beginning Meditator


Dear Sir, Madam,

I am a beginner in meditation.

I am practicing the energization exercises followed by `Hong Sau' technique of concentration.

My question is `What exactly I need to do when I medidate'?

What did master meant when he said `Medidate on god'?

Recommendation is that the beginner should medidate for 30 minutes in the beginning. Does it include the `Hong Sau'?

Request you to answer ASAP as your answers are very important for me



—Vinayak, France


Dear Friend,

Meditation is concentration upon God or one of His aspects (e.g., peace, love, joy, calmness, vitality, and also any of his manifestations as in the form of deity or one’s guru).

From the negative side, we strive, in meditation, to relax the body into right posture that is alert yet relaxed; to calm the heart and relax from restless and ceaseless desires or hurts; to calm the mind and relax from its feverish flow of endless but petty thoughts.

Our purpose is to experience a state that is our essence and which is a higher level of consciousness and energy than either the conscious state of mind, or the subconscious state. We call this highest state, the superconscious mind. It is unitive and intuitive. It is the state of our pure Self, the eternal Soul. Superconsciousness is touched on however in stages, like peeking through a window; then gazing, and eventually walking out of the door into the sunlit meadow beyond.

Meditating 30 minutes day is usually in two sessions: typically morning and night. This refers to “sitting” time and not standing (and energizing) time. Hong Sau is practiced as 1/4 to 1/3 (typically) of one’s sitting time. Chanting, prayer, affirmation, and pranayama constitute another 1/3 or so and silent, inner communion (the essence of true meditation) constitutes the last 1/4 or 1/3. This is simplified of course but is a general suggestion.

I trust you will find this helpful for now.


Nayaswami Hriman