Following Advice from a Psychic


So I have been talking to a psychic, and she said I have very special abilities, among them are seeing the future, ghosts, and healing. She says that the psychic abilities come from the fact that I have 2 energies flowing through me, instead of 1, which are fire and earth. My question is whether anyone ever had experience with it, and how they were able to learn to control it, because my energy right now is out of control, and if I wish something bad to happen, it will happen.

—Polina Sidorov, Canada


Dear Polina,

Paramhansa Yogananda generally recommended that you disregard this sort of advice from psychics, but rather receive your guidance inwardly or outwardly from a God-realized Guru or his or her advanced disciples.

Possibly it is true that you do have psychic abilities—many truth-seekers do. But they cannot help you and often would hinder you in the truest of all spiritual quests, that is—becoming one with God—especially if they are involved with any ego-based desires.

It does sound as though your energy is out of control, especially if you are causing (or even thinking about causing) bad things to happen. Please be very careful! This always creates a boomerang effect, whereby the harmful energy patterns eventually come back to harm you personally.

The best thing you can do now would be to receive help and guidance from those who know how to help you on the deepest spiritual levels. I suggest that you use the Ananda Sangha Ananda Course in Meditation (which also uses the available book, Lessons in Meditation) and see if they can lead you into a strong Guru-disciple relationship with a true Master. This can also be of very great help to you in taking control of your energy.