Follow-up Question on Astrological Bangles


Dear Devarshi,

Thank you so much for your answer which seems quite helpful. One question is how can stones or metal bangles, or rather why do they absorb bad karma? Then all sinners would escape punishment or a better word would be an opportunity to learn lessons of the soul just by wearing stones and bangles.

—Bina, UK


Dear Bina,

There is an entire chapter in Autobiography of a Yogi that gives the best explanation of the spiritual laws that make astrological bangles and gems work: Outwitting the Stars.

While it doesn’t seem fair to take a shortcut and bypass some of our karma, you could say the same about the beneficial effect that a Guru has on the disciple’s karma. I see both (the Guru and astrological bangles/stones) as an extension of divine grace. Nearly everyone who follows a true Guru’s advice has already made a choice to love God, to live more by God’s laws, and to change the behavior in themselves that caused the bad karma in the first place. By cooperating with divine grace, the results of our past bad karma can be lessened to an extent.

Yogananda also recommended that we pray to God as the Divine Mother, because the Heavenly Father aspect is cosmic law (and judgment) while the Mother is compassion and forgiveness. But if the child keeps making the same mistake, even the Mother will stop being lenient. I remember as a child, when I broke something in the house, I told my mother first, because she was more lenient than my father. If I had continued to break things, then she would not have been so lenient! But I had learned my karmic lesson, so punishment was no longer needed or helpful.

Several Ananda people have had interesting experiences with astrological bangles, including myself. One person felt their bangle suddenly getting very warm, and within minutes they almost stepped on a poisonous rattlesnake, though they didn’t get bit. Another felt their bangle getting hot, and soon after fell out of a tree, getting some bad bruises but nothing serious.

I had a mountain climbing accident several years ago, which came very close to ending my life (literally inches). After being airlifted off the mountain to a hospital, I discovered that my bangle was nearly black, as if it had been burnt. It was a vivid example of the astrological bangle acting as a sort of karmic lightning rod! I sincerely think that the bangle took some of the karmic hit that was intended for me, based on some past action, who knows how many lifetimes ago.

So there is some leniency for the devotee, yes. But if they keep making the same mistake, the Father aspect of God finally says, “OK, my child, you aren’t learning your lesson, you’ll have to take the full brunt of your karma now.” Even a bangle or gemstones won’t protect us if we repeatedly break God’s laws.


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