The Food Blessing Song at Ananda


I was wondering ... On a visit to Ananda Italy, I heard a beautiful grace that was sung before meals, in both English and Italian. Could you please share with me both the English and Italian versions? I’d like to share them with my children. If possible, there wouldn't by any chance be a recorded version of the melody or sheet music also? I kind of remember the melody, but not really well and I’d really like to be able to use it. I remember it was very beautiful! Thank you very much! Om Guru!

—Kris, England


Dear Kris,

Here it is, it’s written by Swami Kriyananda, and all Ananda communities sing it before meals.


Receive, Lord, in thy Light the food we eat for it is Thine;

infuse it with Thy Love, Thy energy, thy life divine.


Benedici o Signore il cibo che noi ti offriamo;

infondilo d’energia, luce divina, del Tuo amor.

I don’t have the sheet music though, nor a recording. I looked in the Ananda Music Library, but it isn’t there. So maybe this means that you should go and visit an Ananda center, because there they’ll sing it to you right away. Enjoy your meals full of blessings…

Joy, Jayadev