Get Out of a Meditative Slouch


I have been meditating for nearly two years and have always used a stool. My latest challenge seems to be the nagging phenomenon, though I am unaware of it actually happening, for I will suddenly become aware of that I am uncomfortable for my body has relaxed so much that I am slouching in an upright position. Then I will slowly and deliberaltely right my spine again and try ot lock it in an upright position. Very distracting, this. I do regular yoga asanas, etc. Any Help? Thanks!

—Ken Harper, USA


Dear Ken,

This is a problem most of us face at one time or another. What comes to mind is the need to rejuvenate your mind’s interest in what you are doing. Sometimes we do our meditations out of habit, not out of need or total concentration.

There are ways to reawaken your interest. One is what you are doing – yoga postures. Another would be to do something in your meditations that will be more active such as chanting, reading a particularly inspiring book or passage. Another would be to do something before meditation that inspires you: such as helping another person, praying for an individual who needs it; praying for the world situation. Another would be to imagine yourself in an extended consciousness filled with the masters.

It would be good to visit Expanding Light, even for a short time, to recapture your interest in your spiritual life. You could come for a few days, for a program that is interesting to you, and for satsang (mixing with other like minded souls).

Know that the masters are with you always, open your heart to them, call to them to be with you. They will be.

Joy to you, Seva