Getting Along


Is it right of us to guide or suggest to our loved ones or others on matters pertaining to health, divinity, blissfulness and spiritual disciplines — even if they are indifferent or hostile to religion and mock our spiritual ways? Or is it better to stay silent and concentrate on our own spiritual and mental health?

—Ashutosh, India


The situation you describe, Ashutosh, is common enough. In such an instance there is not much we can do outwardly, especially when to do so evokes hostility and indifference. You are right in suggesting silence outwardly while inwardly taking action. Concentrate rather on deepening your own spiritual life and praying for them that they become receptive in ways that improve their lives. Oftentimes people will respond more to our example than words. Seeing the difference it has made in your life, they may become receptive in time, or at least, be respectful and honor the choices you have made for self-improvement and well-being. Thank you for giving them room to make their own choices and hold their own views while holding them in the aura of God’s love.

In Joy,
Nayaswami Maria