Give All to God


Thank you for your answer on “Is It Karma or God’s Answer?”

One more question. How do we give our negative emotions like hurt, anger, jealousy et al to God? At times I feel jealous and angry too but also feel ashamed for such feelings but can’t help as they just come naturally, no matter how hard I try. How do give them to God? Please help.

Thank you

—Pia Chatterjee, India


Dear Pia,

When you give something to God you expect that He will take it and help you. It’s like a Mother taking a child’s problems and comforting the child. The child then goes on with whatever he/she was doing, mostly then forgetting there was a problem.

For us, however, we may not forget the problems, but giving them to God helps free up our energy so that we can see the problems and hurts in a different light. And by doing this we can understand what is really trying to happen. Naturally we feel hurt, etc. when our friend betrays us. But to carry this anger and hurt only makes the problems worse. Our energies decrease and we cannot hear or see or understand how to make our lives better and how to help those who hurt us. Helping those who hurt us changes everyone’s energies and helps to stop the downward direction of thoughts and feelings.

It is best to see all as coming, ultimately, from God. If something is too painful, then, we can say to God, “It is Yours”. But know that when things come to you — good or bad — they come for a reason to help rid yourself of karma and to bring you back to your true source in God. Meditation, therefore, is the key to keeping you attuned to your divine source. Meditate each day and always try to feel that deep inner connection with joy, peace — all the aspects of God. Give all your problems then into that peace.

Blessings, Seva