Why Give God Any Time If He doesn’t Give Any Signs?


Why should i give God any of my time, when God doesn’t give me any signs that He is there? Is it too much to ask for just a small sign, so that i know that i am not wasting my time with meditation?

—Melchior, World


Dear Melchior,
Please don’t be discouraged but continue to give Him time. Practice patience, which is the shortest way to Him. Tell Him, “If you come to me or not, I will keep calling you.”

God has taken a vow of silence, Yogananda explained, and only one thing can make Him break that vow: sincere love. And that love shows itself in persistence. So keep calling Him, and fill your call with love.

Another point: often the sign of God doesn’t come in the way we expect. For example, it might not come in meditation, but in daily life. But it comes, for sure. Keep your mind open. Yogananda writes in his Autobiography of a Yogi: “No man lives who has not seen certain of his prayers granted.”

You may also put it to Him plainly, if you haven’t done so: “Beloved God, I need a sign from you. Please send me one.”

Keep going, with your heart. Sooner or later a sign will come, and once it comes, you will be richer than any millionaire on the planet.

Read this poem of Yogananda over and over:

Whether He answers or not,
You must keep entreating Him.
Even if He makes no reply
In the way you expect,
Ever know He will respond
In some subtle way.
In the darkness of your deepest prayers,
Know He is playing hide-and-seek
With you.
And in the midst of the dance of life, disease, and death,
If you keep calling Him,
Undepressed by His seeming silence,
You will receive His answer.

Here you can listen to it, put to melody.

In friendship on the path,