Goal of Meditation & Transformational Medicine


i attain stillness of mind,while in meditation. Is that the goal of meditation. Is there anything else? in fact,while I do Hung saw technique, i feel the stillness soon,till my alarm rings. 2. What is transformational medicine. i have been teaching and practicing medicine for more than four decades but i am not satisfied. i would like to know more about the transformational medicine, so that i can help people. i am of 73 yrs age and I have nothing but to give back to the community.

—drpvprabhakar rao, india


Dear Dr. Rao,

1) The goal of meditation is inner communion with the Creator of us all. Stillness of mind and all thoughts is important as well as relaxation of the body. One often feels peace and calmness as the breath slows and becomes still. Call to God in the language or your own heart with the love of a child for it’s Divine Mother.

As you gaze at the point between the eyebrows you may see light. Focus your attention on any light you see and relax into the light, especially the center of it. Over time, you will perhaps see what is known as the Spiritual Eye, which is a golden halo around a deep blue field with a tiny white five pointed star in the center. Let yourself become absorbed in the star.

2) Transformational medicine is healing through the process of transformation.  When we practice the techniques of yoga and meditation each day, we are committing to life changing or transformational practices.  Thus our diet and lifestyle become more in harmony with nature.   Our thoughts and emotions become more aligned with truth and how to navigate life’s challenges in the highest or most dharmic ways.  Our perceptions of reality see beyond just the material and egoic nature of things to observe more the essential nature of them.  Our souls experience the vast omnipresent loving Divine presence in all that is.  We are transformed as we attune ourselves and devote ourselves to loving and serving Divine Mother.

The goal of life and the practice of meditation is to unite ourselves once again with our Creator through Self Realization.

May your path of transformation through yoga, meditation and a true guru bless you always!