God and Guru Understand Our Humanness


Jai guru!

I am a kriyaban since last 4 yrs, meditating almost regularly twice a day. I am way off from sexual thoughts or any inclination towards sexual enjoyments. Although married, having 2 kids, I dont feel comfortable with any sexual talk or thought or TV serial or movie. I generally stay back from such influences since I don't like such things.

But from few days especially when I have devoted more of my time in meditation I am getting very bad sexual thoughts & these are disturbing my peace. Help!

—vibha, india


Dear One,

Please know that help is on the way. God and Guru understand our humanness.

I am glad to hear you are a kriyaban. It sounds like now is the time to take your kriyas deeper than ever before. Ask Master to take over your being when meditating and let him do your kriyas. Visualize or imagine the kriya breath cleaning impurities away from your chakras. As these contaminates come to mind-let them go. Do not give them power. Tell your mind to behave. Tell your thoughts, “I refuse to let you run wild.” As the impure thoughts come up, offer the negative thoughts to the Divine at the spiritual eye. Learn to live in the spiritual eye. The Divine knows how to handle our purity as well as our impurity.

Increase your energy level and prepare your self to fight the battle of stinking thinking. Prayer demands are powerful. When I’m attacked by undesired thoughts, I use the prayer, “I seek purification by the grace of God.” I find it to work like magic to change my thought patterns. Demand that Master control the thoughts when adulterated thoughts arise. Pray deeply for Guru’s grace to enter your mind. If possible, stare at Master’s picture. Breathe. Do inverted yoga postures, exercise aerobically and watch the diet. Overeating can cause tremendous chaos. Be with uplifting family and friends. They can help bring and keep the energy up in a subtle way. Do Japa. Read from “Whispers from Eternity” and do Master’s affirmations throughout the day. In other words, control your mind or it will control you.

And remember thoughts come and go like the wind. How long certain ideas stay in our mind is up to us. Do not allow your mind to rehash old trash. And most important, remember you are a child God. If you inwardly love God, nothing will harm you. Victory to you and yours this lifetime!

In His peace,