God and the Cosmic Drama


If God created this cosmic drama (he himself became the world as our masters said) that we are living in and we are the actors of the cosmic drama, then we should perform the act given my God and play this drama, why do we need to go back to him? Why are we sent if he wanted us to go back to him, Was there any flaw in the God and he separated us to correct this flaw and merge with him again?

—KJ, India


Dear KJ,

I think the truest answer to your question is that this is something that we can come up with answers for, but our minds are far too small to understand God’s workings. The truth is that we are NEVER separate from God, even though we appear to be working our way back to Him.

The very fabric of our being is made of God. Our souls are one with God, merely wearing a cloak of separateness. God made this creation, Yogananda said, to enjoy himself through many. The sense of separatenes is an appearance only.

Yogananda said, “Never say, ‘When will I find God?’ Say, ‘I have Him, I have Him right now!'”

In divine friendship,