Simple ways to learn that God is the Doer


What is the meaning of surrender to God? How can I keep the attitude that God is the doer while working?

—Siddharth Patel, India


Dear Siddharth,

“Surrender” to God means many things but certainly starts with or includes openness to God’s presence in our lives. It includes being open to do (and think, and say) what is true, right, and just. It is another way of saying that we should be willing to do “God’s will” as it is shown to us by our common sense, moral and ethical guidelines, scripture, and the wisdom of the ages and sages.

The more we live seeking attunement to God’s presence (and this includes prayer and meditation, as well a right action), the more we God’s presence. The more we feel that divine energy within and all around the less we feel we are the doer and the more easily we experience that God is Doer in all things.

During daily activities develop the habit of mindfulness (of God). Silently chanting God’s name, a mantra, or prayerful thoughts as we go about our activities can help us feel God’s energy working through us. Practice seeing God as the Higher Self of each person you meet, whether likable or disagreeable, and seeing our rightful duties as God’s will for us.

Meditation should be the bedrock of our efforts to experience direct personal perception of God’s presence. From that daily effort in silent, inner communion, we can go about our daily activities with joy, willingness, and God’s power.

May the grace of God and the Masters guide and fill you with wisdom and joy,
Nayaswami Hriman