God Loves All Equally


"God is Love" this is what I have read all the time and believed in it. Then why didnt God help me unite with my love? I recently brokeup with my ex due to family pressure. We prayed so much... wasn’t our love real or pure or worth saving? Or am I paying for my past karma?

I feel agitated and have this urge to turn very revengeful towards my ex as well as family. Will then God forgive me if I become so? Will God understand me if I do so?

Please guide

—DG, India


Dear One,

It is true God is love. And, God’s love is unconditional and God loves all equally! He loves you and your ex just as much as He loves your parents. It is extremely important for all devotees to understand God’s love is far above and beyond our rational, analytical and logical mind. God’s love is tremendously much greater than we will ever know. That being said, it is very important to realize that God’s love, being what it is, does not mean, He will grant our every prayer.

When our emotions are disturbed it is very difficult for us to grasp how it is that God could love all equally. When we’re emotionally distraught, it takes a tremendous amount of energy before we can understand how it is that God could possibly love all equally.

Some say, our ego/mind is designed to think that if God truly loved us He would grant us our every wish. Until our liberation our ego does not have the capacity to understand the depths of God’s love. It is only when we experience , the depth of God’s totally complete, unconditional love through deep, devotional, grace filled meditation could we begin to understand God’ s love. Yogananda and other Masters have teachings that will guide us out of our unhappiness to true happiness, to bliss and Christ Consciousness. Divine love can be experienced through Kriya Yoga. Master has promised through his teachings of Self Realization we will know God’s love truly. It is his mission to bring the Infinite to our reality.

I don’t know about your past karma but, you said it your self, “You broke up with your ex due to family pressure.” God did not make you brake up with your ex. Remember you are loved the same by God whether you stay with your ex or stay broken apart as to follow your parents wishes.

Dear one I hope and pray you take this time to fall in love with God once again. Granted this may be difficult to do. But God’s love is the only thing that will make your heart sing once more. God’s unconditional love is in your heart. God’s love wants to come out and take over your being but it needs your permission. God will not force open you heart’s love and devotion. You must invite it to shine.

Now is the time to plant the seeds for your hearts flowers to blossom into a beautiful bouquet. It is during times like this we are giving the opportunity to grow stronger and brighter than the sun with God’s divine light. Or we can contract and grow dark with rage anger and distrust. Like most growth there may be some pain involved with the growth. But even this too shall pass.

Pray for the desire to be strong mentally, emotionally, and most important spiritually. Allow your self to feel Guru’s grace this very moment. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Allow your self to open your heart to the magically, mystical, merriment of God’s love this very moment. Now is the time receive God’ love. It is in every molecule of your existence. And may you be able to share this ever new ever increasing love with all whom you meet. You are a child of God.

And remember when you pray for this or that to happen it is a good prayer that ends with the thought but not by my will Lord let Thy will be done. An open and honest devotee understands the importance of letting go and letting God. For all of this is a part of His dream. An in tune devotee knows that this life is His play. We are only actors in His play. Granted this truth is easier said than done. For it is the nature of truth to have that type of quality at times.

It is my opinion, that, one of the greatest miracles Jesus displayed took place as He hung on the cross. After all the violence, hatred, pain and suffering He endured, He found it in His heart to ask His Heavenly Father to forgive them for they know not what they do. .

Forgiveness is powerful. Forgiveness is a quality that changes lives for the better. But don’t take my word for it. Try it for your self. Meditate deeply on the topic of forgiveness. Pray with a sincere desire for the ability to forgive. A prayer I like to say is Lord, change not the situation. Change me. Know that God forgives you and He looks forward to helping you on your path towards forgiveness.

I wish you well.

In His love,

Nayaswami Gopal