God’s “lila” (divine play)


According to Yogananda, this world is a dream and drama of God, we have to play our part, if God created this world and he wants us to play here then why do we need to go back to him using Kriya Yoga so fast?

Is this fastest path of Kriya Yoga and rising energy thru spine not breaking God's laws .instead of his way of going through incarnations and going thru all the suffering for what bad Karma's we have done in the past..?

—KJ, India


Dear KJ,

A playwright, no matter how tragic or entangled his plot, wants his audience to enjoy and learn something. God’s purpose in His lila, as Yoganandaji tells us, is for our education and our entertainment.

The playwright endows each of his characters with certain qualities and traits, through which the plot moves forward. God endows each of His characters with one divine quality: free will. The other qualities are developed by them as they go through the scenes of incarnations, either using, or failing to use this divine gift.

We choose either to suffer and find blame for what happens to us in the drama, or, using our free will, we choose to learn and move on to greater lessons and greater entertainment. Eventually the drama ends for us, with each soul being reunited and reassorbed in Cosmic Consciousness. How long the drama lasts is for each actor to determine. Suffering leads us to the search for joy; joy leads us to search for greater joy.

What impedes us in our search is the energy which we have commited to negative habits. They are filters which cloud our perception (and we don’t even realize that we have an opportunity to grow and enjoy). They are automatic, subconscious reactions to situations that keep us whirling in negative behavior patterns. And they represent commitments of energy which prevent us from using the full force of our will power.

The science of Kriya Yoga specifically works on those whirling energy patterns which draw our consciousness downward. It redirects the trapped energy swirls (vrittis) upward, and in the process neutralizes these energies (past karmic patterns), and frees us bit by bit, so that we can figure out the plot, enjoy the drama and participate in it consciously by finding our way Home.

Those who make the effort to do so will be free forever in eternal Satchidananda. Those who have not done so by the end of the this Day of Creation, will come out again at the dawn of the next Day (of Brahma) to continue their drama.

The choice is ours.