God’s response



I wanted to ask regarding how we can keep our faith when God does not deliver despite praying so much for it. I took a test for an entrance exam and prayed so much during and after the test but when I got my scores back I did worst than others. I worked so hard for that exam. Now I am at a dead end and don't know what path to take. Why is it that hardships keep coming to us despite praying and having faith? Why do some people who don't have as much faith or pray to God as much succeed?



Dear SG,

Thank you for this very important question. A question everyone faces at one time or another and one that can bring us deeper into the spiritual life, if this is the real goal.

There are many answers here all which you need to seriously look at. It may be that God has heard you, but felt that your success in this exam was not what needed to happen. He may have felt that you needed to develop through this apparent failure some quality or new approach to life that is essential for you to develop. Therefore, don’t think of this as a failure, but say to yourself there is something better trying to happen. Don’t put a negative twist on it.

Another thought is that this is karmic. Possibly in another life a situation was created that kept this particular action from happening. Again, it is essential to be positive and give all your thoughts and feelings to Him. He is with you always and IS working for you. This may not show up as you would want, but in time you will feel great joy and not mind what the world brings to you. For the spiritual life is separate from the outer world and all it’s business and activities. For real joy we have to look to the inner world.

Read the book by Paramhansa Yogananda called, Karma & Reincarnation, published by Crystal Clarity Publishers, for a fuller understanding of this very vast and helpful subject. Yogananda clearly explains the inner workings of our karmas. Keep trying and open to His guidance. He is always there to help you find your real joy.

Bless you, Seva