Grieving for a Loved One


Hi, my husband passed a year ago in one week's time. What I want to know is that I am feeling various pains this week. I know they are not mine. Is it possible that these pains could be sent to show me how he suffered?

—Barbara, UK


Hello Barbara,

My heart goes out to you over your loss. This may perhaps be a part of your grieving process, especially since it is coinciding in time. These pains may not be yours in a physical sense because your personal health is good, however these could be pains to signal an emotional or psychic need for reconciliation within yourself.

Grieving affects our consciousness on many levels and speaks to our need to continue to grow and process the experience. It certainly could be as you say, a way for you to understand what he was experiencing, but why? You can be empathetic without physically having to go through that. Whatever the reason, this is a time when you are naturally reflecting inwardly. Take it as an opportunity to send blessings to his soul for his forward development and evolution. Pray for his soul.

You might find it helpful to read Swami Kriyananda’s Astral Ascension Ceremony and, as you do so, feel that you are addressing his soul. I wish you well. May you feel the grace and intercession of the Masters.

Nayaswami Maria