Guilt About the Loss of a Loved One


My small dog, who was 12 years old, died last 4th September. I live in a backward place and good vets are not avilable here. After suffering for one month she died. I can't stop crying. The grief of losing her is too intense. It is combined with guilt that I could not give her better treatment.

My question is will she come back in my life again?

Will this whole universe will help me in getting her back?

Or will I meet her after my death?

—ela singh, India


Dear Ela,

Having watched your dear friend suffering must have been terrible for you especially without the ability to give her medical help. This is not a reason for guilt, however. You loved her and cared for her as best as you could, I am sure. It is good to grieve for a time. But it is also good to let your friend go on and not hold her back.

This does not mean you have lost her. Put your guilt aside and in meditation send her love. Release her to go on through your love for her. In this way your feelings will subside. Once you are calm you may feel her in your heart again. Nothing is lost.

We are all a thought form of the Divine. We are all connected by His love and His thought. Know that God is with you and taking care of your dear friend.

Bless you, Seva