Gum Infection… and, God Is in Everything


blessings. I have an infection in my gum and have been trying to heal it more naturally than with antibiotics. the holistic dentist I saw says it would be best for me to take antibiotics. I feel like I am giving in to taking the antibiotics and not trusting the higher healing energies within this body. I do feel however that regardless of what I chose the possible negative aspects of antibiotics can be transmuted in God's love. I am looking for a possible spiritual perspective about this.

—carrie, usa


Dear Carrie,

While it is true that we can often transform energy and be healed from certain conditions w/o the use of medicine, we have to be wise and honest and know how to accept whatever it will take to have us be well. Infections can be insidious and dangerous and should be approached with respect. Western medicines are strong and sometimes that is exactly what is needed.

Please try to not feel any sense of failure or disappointment if you need to use antibiotics. Remember, God is everything, even the drugs! Put the bottle on your altar and pray over it before you take the pills. Ask Divine Mother to heal you through the use of that drug.

Blessings, Shanti