Handling an Unwelcome Friendship


I'm trying to end a friendship that I feel is an extremely negative influence on my life, but the person is very resentful and insecure about it, and is trying to keep in contact with my by any means possible. It almost feels like a demon that is chasing me through this person, although that's a metaphysically presumptious way of putting it. Any advice? I am remaining calm but still fearful that this person is not totally sane.

—James, US


Dear James,

You need to be very strong, and gain control of the situation: either you talk with that person directly – with decided rational words, without getting into emotions – or you write a letter.

Try the “sandwich strategy”: soft-meat-soft.

First say something positive to him/her, then get to the meat by firmly expressing your need to not be in contact anymore, making yourself perfectly clear.

Then end your words with something positive.

Before talking or writing, send divine light to the situation.

It really helps: rub your hands, energizing them, then lift them above the head and chant OM, actively sending and feeling divine light flowing from the medulla oblongata at the back of the neck, through the arms and hands to the situation.

Do it for numerous days, morning and evening.

Also pray for inner guidance to find the right words and energy for that person. Pray for support from God.

He is the best Helper, and can do anything.

If, however, after all that, the person still tries to keep contact with you, don’t answer and don’t open a single little door. Remain unmistakably firm, or the situation will slip back to you.

If (which is unlikely) you should find out that the person is indeed not totally sane and could even become dangerous, tell him/her, “if you don’t stop, I will call the police.”

Mean it. That’s of course an extreme scenario, just to tell you, but make your position serious and wisely forceful.

Also try to look behind this difficult situation.

Situations like this always come to teach us something, and they are not an unlucky coincidence.

Do you see what you need to learn from it? If so, it might very well be a blessing for your growth as a person.

And if you learn your lesson, such a situation will not present itself to you anymore, or if it does, it will not be a problem.

God bless you, feel yourself supported,