Healing Without Ego


Dear ananda,

Am a reiki healer and KRIYA yoga practitioner too I had completed my level2 in KRIYA yoga am having having a doubt about reiki healing ,recently I viewed a video of sadhguru jaggi vasudev who claims that healing is wrong — through healing, a healer is taking ones karma and the patient involved in that healing also healed temporarily but he will also need to pay for that later. Is it true? I am having more trust in yoganandaji what he says about healing (reiki). may I continue reiki?

—Kavitha, India


Thank you for your question. First, this article may help with your question about Reiki. Yes, you may continue Reiki, but eventually you may choose to give it up, in order to feel the presence of the Guru flowing through you even more powerfully.

I practiced Reiki I and II many years ago, and at a certain point I felt guided that I should pray that the Reiki initiation be revoked, so I could be purely an instrument of healing through the grace of our line of Gurus. I had to take it as a “leap of faith”… and so I prayed powerfully for it to be removed. I did not know what the outcome would be, but overnight I felt a very strong increase in both healing power and intuition, for now the Gurus could flow through me more directly….

Pray to our Gurus, and you will be guided when the time is right.

In relation to your other question, it appears that you may be having “spiritual indigestion” as Master called it, when a person studies too many spiritual paths at once. Now that you are a Kriya Yogi, you have taken a vow of discipleship to Paramhansa Yogananda and our line of Avatars; let Master be your true Guru and guide. He gave us teachings of healing prayers and more, so would he give us something that would harm us? Of course not; in fact, when we heal in the right way — it is a sacred seva (service) and thus helps us to burn up our karma to free our souls. It does not ascribe to our egos — unless we heal with ego consciousness, such as “Oh — look at me! I am so great!”

If God has placed someone before you, and you are in the position to help — be grateful for the opportunity to serve God in that form. Then your service is pure and you will be protected.

If we pray to Divine Mother and the Gurus to flow through us in healing, we are not healing in ego-consciousness. We are healing in God-consciousness. It is a form of divine compassion on this earth. Jesus said, “When you do these things unto the least of them, you do it unto Me.”

It is very helpful, to pray aloud to the Guru, and to have a picture of the Guru in your healing room. This protects your ego from getting puffed up, and it also protects those who come to you. They will see that you have the humility to pray to the Guru, and ask for Him to guide your sessions. Even in more informal situations, if I am going to close my eyes and place my hands on a someone who has asked for healing, I will say, “I am praying to Divine Mother and my Guru to bless you now…” I talk more about the power of invoking God and Guru in this article, “How to start a local healing prayer group.”

Feel that you are healing with God and Guru. Remember that the person before you is a child of God who needs some divine encouragement at this time. Let your words and your healing touch be guided by God and Guru.

Mary Kretzmann, Director

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry