Healing at a distance


Dear Sir/Madam,

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Is it possible to completely heal a person from a distance?

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—dimple, india


Dear Dimple,

It is definitely possible to completely heal people from a distance. You will find examples of this in Autobiography of a Yogi. Also, there are many recorded examples of Yogananda healing people at a distance, which you can read in The New Path. (You can read both of these books online at ananda.org)

The effectiveness of healing at a distance depends on two things: the power of the healer to act as a channel for God, and the receptivity of the “patient.” Though a person may be suffering from a physical or mental illness and want to be well on one level, on a deeper level, their soul may feel they need this illness in order to learn something.

If you know someone in need of healing, regularly hold them in healing light. Do not focus on the illness, or what you think their problem is and how you think God should fix them. Focus instead on God’s divine love and healing light, and feel you are sending that light to them from your spiritual eye to theirs.

If you want to learn more about Ananda’s healing ministry, please go to https://www.ananda.org/spiritual-living/prayers/

Joy to you,