Healing Energy Knows No Boundaries


Hi Mary! Thanks for your answer to my question.Can cracked relationships be healed?" We can talk out as you said if our loved ones are near. But what do we do if they are far far away and out of touch for over 2-3 years? Can such relationships be healed too with patience, diligence and prayer? Does the universe respond to our prayers and love?

—Rusha Verma, India


If this is a romantic relationship and you have been out of touch for 2-3 years, and you are the injured party, I suggest that you focus your prayers on releasing the person and the memories into God’s hands. Let it go, especially if it only reached the romance stage, but had not yet progressed to marriage, and no children are involved.

If however, you are the one who created the most pain and injury, it is very worthwhile to offer many prayers of healing, not to restore the relationship outwardly, but rather to make things right with God, and with the person’s soul. At some point you will leave this world and review those events in which you hurt others, feeling the pain from their point of view. Heal that. You can use the techniques that I listed in the original post — (linked above).

Healing energy can be sent across the globe, and even across time to loved ones we have known in past lives. There is no limit, except our own motivation and dedication to the process.

God answers all prayers. Restless prayers, however, He answers only a little bit. If you offer to others something that isn’t yours to give, won’t that be a merely empty gesture? If you pray to God, similarly, but lack control over your own thoughts, that prayer will be without power. Thoughts and feelings, both, must be focused when you pray. Otherwise God will meet your little trickle with another trickle of His own! He will dole His answers out to you in a teaspoon. Too often, prayer is more like the halfhearted mumbling of a beggar than the confident, loving demand of a friend. – Paramhansa Yogananda