Healing Power Through God


Are the powers of healers related to the ability to transfer positive energy and freely giving love for that person? Is that what creates the channel??

—Valerie Browning, U.S.A.


Dear Valerie, No healer can create healing power. It is the power of God flowing through him or her, by invitation or through invoking that power through prayer, meditation, attunement, magnetism, and energy control. This power is called prana or conscious, cosmic energy. Love is an emotion, but it can also be a manifestation of prana. Most human love is selfish, at least to some degree, but Divine Love is created through pure prana or life-force, and it can flow through one person to another. And yes, it can be a powerful healing agent! Paramhansa Yogananda states that, “The channel is always blessed by what flows through it.” For example, this means that when we offer healing prayers for those in need, if we do it with a pure, loving heart and also with non-attachment, divine healing can and often does take place.