Heart-Centered vs. Spiritual-Eye-Centered Meditation


I am struggling with my practice. I have experienced great results through the practice of heart centered meditation. Until recently, I have start to fall from tranquil into tired. I have tried working with between the eyebrow meditation, but don’t receive the same ones as when centered from the heart. I also fall back into the maya.

—Colin, U.S.A


Dear Colin,

It’s all too easy to “fall back into the maya,” regardless of which meditation technique we practice. But consider this: “Tired” generally correlates with a downward direction of energy in the body. You might get better results with your existing practice if you make sure that it includes lifting the heart’s energy toward the spiritual eye. So it’s not an either/or situation: either heart or spiritual eye. Rather, it can be both: heart toward the spiritual eye. Then there’s no abandonment of your heart-centered practice, but rather you gain a sense of upward revitalization of your practice, which helps lift you away from the ages-old tendency of the heart toward attachment, likes and dislikes, desires, etc. (maya, in other words), into the loftier inclination of the heart to expand lovingly into ever-greater freedom.


Nayaswami Gyandev