Hong-Sau and Blood Pressure


It’s about holding one’s breath, as suggested in exercises,namely Hong-Sau.

I’ve heard that holding one’s breath is undesirable for people with high blood pressure, as it might further increase it.

I would appreciate, should you have an opinion on that matter, letting me know.

Without wishing to abuse your kindness to respond questions, would you have any referrals or suggestions as to exercises that might reduce blood pressure?

Many thanks to you.

—boris , Italy


Dear Boris,

It’s important to clarify that the Hong-Sau technique does not involve holding one’s breath. The technique is to observe one’s breath, along with the mantra of Hong-Sau, as it flows in and out through the nostrils. There should be no sense of controlling or manipulating the breath. This technique is likely to quiet the breath and even bring a cessation of breathing, but that is a result of going deep in concentration into an inner stillness where there is no need for the physical breath.

Because of the emphasis of watching one’s breath, Hong-Sau is one of the most effective technique for those seeking to reduce high blood pressure.

You may want to review the actual Hong-Sau technique to be sure you are doing it correctly. Here is a link that will be helpful.

Blessings on your spiritual journey,

Nayaswami Pranaba