How Can I Be Less Vague when Talking About the Spiritual Path?


How can I be less vague when talking and thinking about the spiritual path?

—Margaret, UK


Dear Margaret,

Thank you for your excellent question. Vagueness is to be avoided wherever possible in everything related to the spiritual path. Clarity of thought is something which will come with time and with a regular practice of meditation.

The reason for this is that our minds are like a glass of water with dirt in it. If the glass is being constantly shaken up, the water remains muddy or unclear. If allowed to be still, the sediment sinks to the bottom of the glass and the water becomes completely clear.

So it is with our minds when we allow them to be still and to concentrate on inner peace.

As your throughts become clearer, then you’ll be able to speak more clearly about anything you need to, including the spiritual path.

Have you ever thought of being a teacher? The reason I ask is that it is very true that if you wish to understand something clearly, volunteer to teach it. This forces you to clarify your thoughts, and also express them clearly to others.

I’m a co-director or the Ananda Meditation Teacher Training Courses at our Expanding Light Retreat. Perhaps a course like this would be of great help to you. You may read the details about this course here.