How Can I Help a Friend Through Prayer?


Hi,my name is Mattia and I am from Italy.I have an important and basic question about prayer.How can I pray for others?How can I be heard by God?

Indeed,a dear friend of mine is suffering a lot.She cry every day becouse she is afraid to do an important thing.So I want to help her with prayer.How can I do?

—Mattia, italy


Mattia. We must begin by attempting to reach up to God’s view. We have been given free will as a reflection of the free will and intelligence of God. We are made in His image.

Your friend, therefore, must deal with her decision according to her own best efforts. The more you can offer your prayers with calmness and with faith in the rightness of all things, the more you can help your friend.

The masters say we have lived many lives. So be patient and a true friend who stands behind a friend with hope and charity. Ask the masters to use your God given intelligence and will power to send vibrations of wisdom and courage to your friend.

Visualize your friend at the point between the eyebrows and rubbing your palms and then raising your hands chant AUM 3 times, morning and night, to help your friend.

Ok? Please let us know how it goes.

Nayaswami Hriman