How Can I Know Whether I Am on the Right Path?


Hello, I newly accepted Christ but I’m not really sure how. Many events have really lead me to Jesus in this last week and a half, but I’m not sure about Christianity. Christianity defies some beliefs I hold intuitively. I’ve never been religious or much spiritual. I’m looking for a meditation to get closer to Jesus. The other night when I closed my eyes I saw a very bright (maybe a blue tint) light with a cross in the middle (white our yellow) where I’m assuming my 3rd eye is. Is that ok?

—Stephanie West, United States


Dear Stephanie,

Thank you for your sincerity. You mention the key to this all: your intuition. Keep listening in your heart while directing your prayer from the point between the eyebrows. Ask Jesus to reveal to you the path you should follow. What you are doing is fine and good. Try then to open to his consciousness at the spiritual eye. Visualize him first with open eyes (gazing at his picture) and then with closed eyes. Feel for his consciousness. Feel for the divine qualities that flow through him and meditate upon these.

This is going to create a magnetism which will draw the response you are yearning for. I wish you the best in clarity, understanding, and higher guidance.

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Maria