How Do I Safely Finish a Meditation?


How to perfectly return from deep(6th) agya chakra meditation? When I go into deep meditation of 6th chakra meditation and then after I finish it then I get anxiety and panic tell me how to safely exit from deep meditation?

—Nikhil, India


Dear Nikhil,

I am sorry for the anxiety and panic attacks that you get at the end of meditation. Right meditation will help you feel peaceful and uplifted at the end of the practice. Somehow a lot of energy get stirred up inside of you during meditation, that is causing you to experience agitated emotions at the end. Since I don’t know what meditation technique you are practicing, I can answer your question only in a general way.

Let’s review the different parts of the meditation practice, as each part contributes to the result of meditation.

First, sit up right, with body relaxed, spine erect and chest lifted. This will allow the energy to flow upward to the agya chakra.

Make sure that your gaze at the agya chakra (the point between the eyebrows) is relaxed. Imagine that you are looking at a point about two feet in front of the forehead, slightly above the horizon line.

If you feel tension in the eyes, lower your gaze slightly. As your attention begins to concentrate at the spiritual eye (the agya chakra) your gaze will begin to move upward naturally. Make sure that you are relaxed physically and mentally.

Remember that concentration happens with the mind, and should not involve physical tension. Relax the brow. Meditate with the attitude of peace and trust in the divine power to help you attain it.

After you have practiced a scientific meditation technique, let go of the technique and sit in the silence, absorbed in on of the divine qualities of God, such as: peace, love, joy, or calmness. Make sure to leave at least one third of your meditation, to be absorbed in the divine. Being absorbed in one of the divine qualities, while your gaze is at the agya chakra, is the state of true meditation, the state of Dhyana. This is a very important part of the meditation. Do not just do the technique and leave your practice. It’s like preparing a meal, but not eating it.

When you end your meditation, take a few deep breaths and bring your awareness back to your body. You can end with offering a prayer that all your daily activities will be filled with peace, and visualizing each activity being successful.

Feel yourself present in your body. As you open your eyes, try to radiate peace through your eyes and your heart, and make conscious effort to bring the peace of your meditation practice into each of your activities in daily life.

To help you do that, take a little time, after you finished meditating, to do a relaxed activity, such as: walking meditation, listening to a spiritual music, eating in silence, to help you transition from being inward to being outward.

If you continue to experience anxiety and panic attacks at the end of the practice, stop practicing this meditation technique.

You might try the Ananda guided meditations. You can download the free Ananda Meditation app

I hope these tips will help improve your transition to daily life.

Blessings on your practice,

Nayaswami Diksha