How Does One Deal with “Evil”?


How does one deal with the “Evil-Eye”?

As a family, we work hard toward maintaining a happy and trustworthy environment at home. We work hard for what we want and have been respectful toward everyone else around.

But we have also faced losses for no apparent reasons and sense that there are some people around who are never happy to see us happy.

Please shed light as how we could deal with this.

—Nandini, India


Dear Nandini,

It may be true that someone wishes you ill and is sending bad energy or harmful vibrations your way. If so, it would be important for you to strengthen the auras of yourself and your family.

You might want to read an article I wrote on the subject. It is in one of our back issues of Clarity Magazine. Please see:

However, when you say you have faced losses for no apparent reasons, there are always reasons and most of them have to do with past-life karma balancing itself out in this lifetime. Sometimes we just have to push forward cheerfully, do the best we can, and let the karma play itself out.

When people treat you badly or are unhappy to see you, pray for them and send them blessings and healing light. This sort of person is very troubled in themselves and is to be pitied, not feared.

Keep yourself strong through meditation and prayer. Then no matter what happens, come good or bad, you’ll be content within your “inner castle of peace.”