How to Ask a Question During Meditation


Om guru

I want to ask that Lahiri mahasaya says solve all your problems thru meditation but when I do I find really myself very impatient means when I just sit to meditate without any desire it lasts long n comforting but when I want a solution it last very short n I become impatient .so how to get some very needy results to get over bad conditions?

—Laxmi ranga, India


Namaste Laxmi,

You are experiencing a very common difficulty in receiving solutions to problems. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

When we seek a solution, it is often for an urgent need. That very urgency tends to muddy the waters of our intuition, so we cannot see as clearly as we would otherwise be able to do. When you sit to meditate in hope of receiving intuitive guidance, try to use the energy of urgency to help you focus and uplift your consciousness rather than allow it to agitate your mind.

Try also to quiet your heart, which can be agitated not only due to urgency, but also due to your desire for a particular solution or outcome. It is only a calm heart, undisturbed by desire for—or fear of—a particular outcome that can receive intuitive guidance.

Finally, remember that solutions come from superconsciousness, and it’s much easier to reach superconscious awareness if you live the rest of your day in harmony with superconsciousness: moving gracefully, seeing work as service to God, expressing kindness, doing japa or chanting. All of this will make it easier, when you sit to meditate, to receive an insight from superconsciousness.

Receiving intuitive guidance is a skill that can be developed. It doesn’t necessarily come right away, but with practice it will come more quickly. I highly recommend Intuition for Starters as an aid to doing that.

Nayaswami Gyandev