How to become a minister


I am a long time devotee and kriyaban with Ananda. I lived in Ananda Sacramento for four years. In all these years, I never really knew the requirements for becoming an Ananda minister. I am only curious. I do NOT feel qualified to be on any of your levels :-). I started an Ananda meditation group in Brooklyn and people have asked this question. I do remember the commitment to meditating three hours per day but what are the other requirements? Does Swami Kriyananda have to recommend you? Thanks!

—India Alexis, USA


Dear India,

The root of the word “minister” means “to serve”, and in that sense, all those who wish to serve God are ministers, whether they have a formal title or affiliation with Ananda (or any other organization), or not.

This attitude of service has always been emphasized strongly to us by Swami Kriyananda, concerning those who might want to become Ananda ministers.

Our ministers are chosen from those who live a life of service and dedication to God and Gurus and who are primarily, though not always, long-term resident members of an Ananda Community.

Deep meditation using the techniques of the path of Kriya Yoga is very important also, and 3 hours a day is encouraged, though not required.

Swami Kriyananda does not have to recommend a person. Jyotish and Nayaswami Devi are presently the Spiritual Directors of Ananda Sangha Worldwide, and as such, make most of the final decisions regarding the appointment of new Ananda Ministers.