How to Commune with God?


I close my eyes and sit in relax position but I am unable to meditate. How to meditate? It becomes more of a communication with myself and self offering to the almighty.

—Tanya, India


Dear Tanya,

You are correct that meditation is an inner communion and self offering to God.

The great yogis have offered us an ancient meditation technique, that has been practiced in India and throughout Asia for more than five thousands years. This meditation technique is a tool to calm the mind, to transcend ego consciousness to divine consciousness so you can feel God presence deeply within you and commune with Him more effectively. Here is a video to guide you into this meditation technique:

Ananda offers a free meditation App, with variety of guided meditations. You can download the App and enjoy practicing with different devotees:

Ananda Meditation App

Wishing you blessings on your practice,

Nayawami Diksha