How to Deal with Health Challenges and Depression



I have been going through severe depression for over 10 years with digestive disorder issues. I feel intense pressure on my whole head and a feeling of contraction from within my body. There is also a blockage in my lower back. I have lack of mindfulness and experience constant chattering of my mind with all past memories, thoughts, images and pictures associated with all kinds of negative emotions sabotaging my life. I am stuck. Please help.

Thank you

—Rohit, India


Dear Rohit,

I am sorry for the challenges that you are experiencing now.

I would recommend that you see a doctor that can help you begin to heal the body. If you can find an ayurvedic doctor in your are, you might explore the ancient holistic healing science of India.

At the same time, start to work on healing the mind. You can seek a yoga center in your area, where you can practice gentle yoga and breathing techniques.

When you experience severe depression it is better not to practice silent meditation, but to practice meditative activities, such as: repetition of positive affirmations, mantras, chanting, walking meditation, and breathing techniques. The goal is to begin to move energy in an inward and upward direction and stimulating the agya chakra.

While being engaged in daily routine activities, such as cooking, washing dishes, gardening, keep the mind focused on a positive affirmation or mantra. no matter how many times your mind wonder away into negativity, firmly bring it back to focus on the positive. By doing so, you begin to train your mind to think in positive ways.

Also, being with positive joyful people will help you too.

Taking care of your body and mind by right diet for body and mind, and focusing on positive attitudes, will begin to improve your life and you will feel better.

Blessings on your healing journey,

Nayaswami Diksha