How to find happiness


Sir, I am graduating student.I have enough with me to live a good life but I have found that I never feel happy or you can say that I dont have a sense of joy inside me.

I never get satisfied with my marks no matter wether I am topper or not I just want more. I have seen other students they always enjoy there lives they are always blissful and enjoying every moment of their life but I am not able to so.I tries meditation but it didnt gave me much satisfaction even after long period.Why?

—Prashant Malik, India


Dear Friend, a gnawing dissatisfaction with material success or accomplishments, and indeed, with daily life in general, is an aspect of our soul’s hunger for wisdom and specifically for true and lasting joy… for what we call Bliss, or God-realization. The state of ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new bliss is described in the ancient Sanskrit language as “Satchidanandam.”

While the study of truth teachings is enjoined by all saints and sages more than study is realization. Realization of the perfect state of our soul comes by silent inner communion with that state within us. What prevents us from achieving that realization unbrokenly is the restlessness, attachments, and desires which cling to us from past action and habit. Hence the purifying effects of right action and right attitude taught in all traditions: compassion, generosity, selfless service, devotion, right diet and moderation in all things (and so on).

The right path in this direction however is given us when we take that direction from a true teacher, a true (or sat) guru: one of God-realization who has the power to uplift us to that state in response to our sincere and dedicated self-effort. (Such a one need no longer be in a human body. Through true disciples the touch of the master can be given.)

As Swami Kriyananda has put it: we need right teacher; right teaching; and right technique. “Right” here means that which is right for our soul’s journey.

Patience it has been well said is the quickest route to God. Banat, banat, ban jai: doing, doing, soon done!

Seek then these three instruments of liberation with all your heart. Meditate, pray, serve all and, without checking your “watch,” joy will burst upon you like the new dawn!

Blessings, Nayaswami Hriman