How to Guard Against “Picking Up” Other People’s Energies


blessings. I practice massage therapy and am concerned about energy transference. is it possible to "pick up" other people's energies. sometimes I notice, especially in meditation deep emotions arising..anger, vivid thoughts that don't seem like my own. this has happened to me quite intensely the past couple of days and the past couple of days I have been massaging a great deal. this does happen to me from time to time actually so I am not sure if there is a correlation but it is concerning me.

—carrie, usa


You ask a very good question. The healing arts require empathy for the sufferings of others, but we need to channel that in ways that are helpful to both the patient and the “healer.”

The good news is that your energetic connection with your clients is indeed moving energy. The bad news is that it is moving it into you! Sometimes our empathy for others, whether consciously or unconsciously, seeks to remove pain by absorbing it into ourselves!

As a massage therapist, your objective is to help relieve physical pain or tension, as well mental and emotional tension, but your natural empathy may be trying to “help” by absorbing their stuff like a sponge through your hands as you massage. Instead, reverse this flow. Think of your hands as being full of radiant light, sending sacred healing into the person… This Light fills you through your medulla oblongata, and then flows down into your arms and hands as you massage, and then into the client; and it will recharge you in the process!

Finally, take a moment to pray silently before each massage; see yourself blessed and recharged by that sacred Light, and ask that it flow through you to bless others. (Learn more about Paramhansa Yogananda’s Healing Prayer techniques.)

“Lord, give us Thyself, that we may give Thee to all!”

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