How to Handle Betrayal


Earlier this year a friend of mine, who was very close to me for the last twelve years, betrayed me and since then I have been trying to forgive him. But for the last nine months this person’s memories have been haunting me every minute of the day. I can’t get my mind off him. What should I do ?

—anvita, india


Dear Anvita,

You might want to try this: whenever you think of this person, send him healing prayers and visualize him surrounded by a healing white, or golden, light. You might also find Paramhansa Yogananda’s Peace and Harmony prayer helpful.

In this way you shift your relationship into one of helping him and not worrying about what he has done to you. Don’t focus on his past wrong actions, but rather, accept him as a child of God even if you do not condone his behavior.

Nayaswami Pranaba