How to Learn the Energization Excercises


My nutritionist suggested these energization exercises. I wanted to know if there was somewhere on the internet I could see these demonstrated? Please let me know what are the different ways I could get instruction for these exercises. Thank you

—Terri, United States


The full set of energization exercises can be learned from lessons and video that you can order from Ananda. They are taught as part of Ananda’s meditation lessons, the Ananda Course in Self-Realization. You can learn more about the first part of the Ananda Course, which includes instruction in the Energization Excercises.

They are also demonstrated and taught in this video, available from Ananda’s Crystal Clarity Publishers.

And on YouTube you can watch a short introduction to the exercises, taken from that video.

Yogananda developed the Energization Excercises as a way of tapping in to the Divine cosmic energy that pervades the universe. He taught that we have an infinite amount of energy available to us. The Energization Excercises have a physical component to them that is very effective, but most important is the understanding of how to use them to draw on that infinite source of energy.

The excercises are a wonderful way to improve one’s physical health. They are also integral to helping one go deeper in meditation, since they give one control of the life force and energy. Thus, they are an important part of the Path of Kriya Yoga as taught by Yogananda.

I would highly recommend these excercises to anyone wanting improved physical health, more energy, more control of their energy, or deeper meditations!