How to Meditate with Half-Closed Eyes


Hi, I am a newbie in meditation and practicing half closed eye meditation as taught by Yoganandaji. When I try to gaze upward at spiritual eye with eyes slightly open, my eyes automatically open, and I can see the object in front of me, but still my gaze or concentration is at spiritual eye. My doubt is during half-closed eye meditation will everyone have the vision of things in front and still meditate. Am I doing it in right way? Please help.

—Kavitha, India


Dear Kavitha,

For beginners and even people who have meditated for awhile, practicing with half-open and half-closed eyes is not easy.

As a beginner, it can distract you from focusing on the meditation technique, and your practice becomes too physical.

It is best to start by closing the eyes, and gazing gently outward and upward, as gazing at a peak of a mountain at a distance, slightly above the horizon line.

For people who are able to do the practice with half-closed, half-opened eyes, their eyelids cover the eyes’ pupils and they don’t see anything in the room.

I hope this is clear.

Nayaswami Diksha