How to practice Hong-Sau


Jai Guru. I have been practicing the Hong-Sau technique for a couple of days.

I have a few doubts relating to the technique which I would like you to clarify. 1. How do you practice Hong-Sau? 2. Sometimes during my practice, I feel I am forceably taking a breath. How should I do this? 3.On what should I concentrate the Hong-Sau or the breath or the mantra. Please guide me clearly on how to do the technique.

—Bala, India


Dear Bala,

Please carefully review the Hong-Sau technique on-line at this website, or consult with the teacher who taught it to you, to review it with you in person.

It is not a difficult technique, but it takes more than just a few day’s practice to be able to do it well.

Never forceably hold your breath; let it flow naturally while you observe it.

Concentrate on your inhalations and exhalations while mentally saying or hearing the mantra, Hong-Sau – Hong as you inhale and Sau as you exhale.

You will soon find that your breath (and your mind) slows down naturally. Begin to enjoy the peace-filled pauses between the breaths, but remember to never force or hold your breath. If you need to breathe, then do so, returning gently to the mantra.