How to Pray Effectively


I read the following from Paramhansa Yogananda:

When your mental microphone is broken from the hammers of restlessness, repair it before you broadcast your prayers. Do not cast aimless prayers to the winds. Repair your mind-microphone by the mechanics of meditation and then broadcast your prayers.

By what technique does HE want us to repair the mind-microphone? Hong Sau? I sit in the half lotus posture and look between the eyebrows and affirm "Divine Father, thou and I are one" is this right?



Bob, yes you are correct: by meditation and especially Hong Sau we learn to concentrate at the spiritual eye-the broadcasting station of the body.

The heart center is the receiving station. Our broadcasts should be steady, calm and seeking contact with God with support of the heart’s natural love. We can pray for material needs but first pray to know and love God.

Then pray for grace, will and courage to attune our will to the divine will. Lastly ask that if it be for our own highest good then “help me to achieve or obtain xyz.”

When our love for God rotates like a searchlight or a radio broadcast originating in the heart and pulsing upward and out through the spiritual eye broadcasting station then we will begin receiving messages of love and signals of wisdom from Spirit!