Is my husband’s death a karmic curse?


Pranam. I have been doing spiritual practices for the past 10 years. I lost my husband in an accident in Nov'16. He was 55 been married for 25 years. Is it my karma which caused his death? It is told that our karmas are burnt when we meditate. Then this should not have happened to me. I am lonely and I feel it’s a sort of some curse.

—Usha, India


Dear Usha,

Pranam to you also! We are very sorry to hear of your husband’s death last year. No, it was not your karma, which caused him to die. It was his karma. However, it was your karma to be married to him for 25 happy (hopefully) years and then lose him to an accident.

It is true that when we meditate, especially following the practices of Kriya Yoga, we actually do burn up our own past karma at an excellent rate of speed, which moves us quickly towards perfect freedom and oneness with God. But generally speaking, we don’t burn up other people’s past karma in the process.

In addition, we are working through millions of incarnations worth of karma clinging to us and not only the karma we have created in this lifetime alone. Kriya Yoga is a wonderful shortcut for accomplishing this, but it still takes time—many years or perhaps even another lifetime or two of dedicated, Guru blessed practice, to get rid of all past karma.

In the meantime, our karma is unavoidable, though often a Guru’s grace can lessen its impact on us. Karma is also a very good teacher and an excellent incentive to push us to work harder in meditation to get rid of all of it and therefore to overcome all suffering.

We are very sorry to hear that you are lonely, but you are definitely not cursed! On the contrary, to be involved with spiritual teachings means just the opposite and that is that you are very blessed. To overcome loneliness, quit thinking so much of yourself and your own suffering and get out into the world to help as many people as possible in whatever ways you can. In addition to that, every day, spend quality time with God and Gurus in meditation and in feeling their presence in everything you do in daily life. Love God more and more deeply and constantly be serving God in others—then gradually your loneliness will fly away!

You will also greatly honor your husband’s memory by being as happy and serviceful as possible. I am sure you know he would never want you to be lonely or sad. Blessings and joy to you always!